Nominated Adviser & Broker Selection

Unlike a U.S. IPO, where there is a short list of similar investment banking firms, Nominated Advisers and Nominated Brokers are plentiful and do not form a homogeneous group.  Each tend to focus on certain sectors and on certain size companies where they have relevant connections within the London investment community and equity research analysts to support an AIM IPO.

Preliminary Determination of Suitability for an AIM IPO
  • The crucial first step
  • Advice is frank and constructive
    • Yes, let’s proceed to the next step
    • Maybe, here’s what I’d like to know to make a preliminary determination
    • No, here’s what the company needs to do to potentially become suitable
Packaging Up the Opportunity for Presentation to Nominated Advisers and Nominated Brokers
  • Preparation of AIM-tailored documents and/or PowerPoint presentations
  • Company reviews and edits for messaging, completeness and accuracy
Nominated Advisers and Nominated Broker Selection
  • There are 40 Nominated Advisers and 80 Nominated Brokers
  • I’ve built excellent, long-standing relationships with virtually all over the last 15 years
  • Arrange conference calls with the most suitable Nominated Advisers and Nominated Brokers as an efficient, cost-effective first step
  • If positive, face-to-face meetings in London
  • If positive, a brief test marketing exercise with investors may be desirable to more precisely assess appetite
  • If positive, negotiate with the interested Nominated Advisers and Nominated Brokers and engage with the final candidate(s)

It is crucial to appoint the Nominated Adviser and the Nominated Broker before any other advisers (i.e. lawyers and accountants), otherwise a company’s choices may be severely restricted.

AIM Advisers does not receive referred work from the Nominated Advisers and Nominated Brokers but rather remains agnostic with respect to their selection, setting up the competitive process for the company.