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Is Your Company Suitable for an AIM IPO?

Quantitative Criteria
  • Generating at least £2 million ($3 million) of annual revenue
  • ‘Growth oriented’, defined as growing revenues and/or profits by at least 20% per year
  • Minimum opening market capitalization of £10 million ($13 million)
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to be profitable but must have a very clear path to profitability
  • Valued using 5-year DCF model, revenue multiple, EBITDA multiple and/or P/E ratio
Qualitative Criteria
  • International scope (sales and/or operations), current or post IPO, preferably U.K./E.U.
  • Outstanding management team with a demonstrable track record
  • Solid Board of Directors, or the ability to formulate one during the IPO process
  • Willingness and ability to be subjected to an appropriate level of due diligence
  • Sound internal controls and good corporate governance, or willingness to put in place
Other Criteria
  • Reasonable valuation expectations, taking a 3 - 5 year view where the IPO is the beginning
  • High quality professional advisers, companies are judged by the company they keep
  • Appreciation of the obligations an AIM-listed company has to all stakeholders